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Perenco is an independent Anglo-French oil and gas company with a headquarters in London and Paris. It conducts exploration and production activities in 16 countries around the globe (the North Sea, Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Belize, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Vietnam, Trinidad and Tobago).

A former employee said this in a reviews at UK Indeed website: "The way I was treated at Perenco was utterly disgusting (and this is no exaggeration). The lies, trickery disrespect etc. are just not befitting of what claims to be a legitimate organisation. Shame on the so called HR professionals and so called managers".


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Former Employee - Well Performance Engineer says

"No Career plan or coaching for graduates"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Threats of pay cuts and hours if office workers didn't return to London office during tail end of lock down, when most staff have wfh set up so could continue wfh safely. HR as usual being pathetic and playing deaf and dumb to anyone lower than management to any concerns about working in the office. CEO stomping around like a child demanding to see more faces in the office when office shouldn't even be open. The most bare minimum of communication to tick all the boxes of being 'covid secure'. To anyone interviewing for this Company just steer clear, don't come here!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Management who don't seem to care about the well being of their staff - An HR department that is an absolute mess and succeed in making many members of staff feel completely unsupported and even scared to approach them - The company consistently throws money at employees to leave the company if a problem arises rather than dealing with the problems appropriately and showing even a scrap of care - Some male senior management consistently show inappropriate behaviour towards female members of staff - French employees are favoured - There seems to be a general lack of communication between everyone - A general sense of unhappiness and unease throughout the whole company - nobody seems to trust the people they work with"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Are you a French, white male? Then regardless of if you're suitable for the role or not, you will get the job! Senior management are making very poor decisions and HR are an absolute shambles of a department in supporting employees. Avoid this company at all costs!"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Incompetent management, poor safety culture, everything is based on who you know rather than ability, no values or integrity"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management, promotions, salary, work-life balance. HR is not visible."

Former Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"Do not expect anything from this company apart from misery. They do not value their people and no matter how talented you are, they will drop you if need be. Unless of course you are french you will do well and progress. The company has no values, do not operate safely and do everything as cheap as possible. The HR and hiring managers are useless and have ruined peoples (especially graduates) futures, offering jobs and then rescinding the offer. They do not acquire talented people (because they are not cheap), cheap labour is what they're after. The smart and talented people have all left the company, the ex BP people mostly. They do not pay well at all."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Safety standards are slipping fast. People who are members of the "shooting club" are promoted well above there ability. Lots of talk about safety and standards but just words. I appreciate companies need to make money but not at all cost. To many people sucking up to management for their own gain at the expense of the assets which management don't seem to see."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you like to work along side someone who does the exact same job as you but gets paid £20,000 more than you, some employees get up to 5 extra holiday days a year and likes production over safety then this is the place for you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A company that is purely profit driven but the employees don't see any of it - it all goes to keeping the Perodo family in their billionaire lifestyle. They employ technicians and expect then to act as engineers but if If you can join the Norwich Mafia you'll be OK."

Cte Europe Ltd says

"The service I received was very good and the quality of the fk=lash drives was excelent"

Larissa Vicas says

"Review below was not written by me so I have removed it!!"

Anna H says

"I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of initial communication but chose not to use Flashbay as another supplier offered a better option for us. Saying this, I found the later communication rather pushy and, despite letting the salesperson know I didn't need to be sent samples and considering Flashbay's environmental policy, I was very disappointed that on asking a number of times how best to return the unwanted samples for reuse, I was told repeatedly to keep them for "future reference"."

Mr Mark Ballantyne says

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